Troubleshooting Synchronization

Support Supervisor -

1. Make sure you have only one GG app installed. If you have both Pro and Free/Basic versions - uninstall Free/Basic.

2. Leave Group/Join Group on all devices

3. Double-check your password. Recover it from the app or Web Portal.

4. Check Sync Setup indicator is green. If it's red - your local network is slow/down.

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    Is Android app being supported or not. No suggestions in this forum work to get my HTC One synch function to work. This has not works since last year and repeated emails to dev's provide no response other than a link back to this forum which does not seem to be monitored.

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    Paul Laba

    Is anyone monitoring this Grocery Gadget support site?

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    Rocket J Squirrel

    Here we are in the year 2020 and GG sync continues to fail. With 4 iOS devices, my wife and I are not going to sign out and back in to the group every day. Sync used to work fine in real time. Now it has been broken for months. Please fix.

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