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Use "Prepare" mode when you need to stock up your Pantry - set necessary amounts for your next shopping. Items with amount set to zero will not show up in you "Shop" view. Setting amount < zero deletes an item.


"Add New" items to your Lists from the built-in Favorites List. Items added manually or by bar-code scanning will automatically be added to your Favorites.

Press "Done" to hide the keyboard and enter Edit mode.


Items added in "Select a Store" mode will not be assigned to any store. Items added in Specific store mode will be assigned only to that Store. When adding "New store" you are given an option to choose which items are to be assigned to it.


Order your items same way they are organized in your Pantry, so easier to check quantities. For Manual sorting choose "Select a store" mode. Drag items by hash tag Order Controls on the right.


Specify Details for each item. Like Quantity, Packaging type, Unit of Measure, Size, Price & Aisle (for each specific store), Brand, Comments, Tax on/off


Compare Prices by Stores.


"Reset" amount to one or zero in "Prepare" mode. "Empty the List" will actually empty your List, meaning your List will be EMPTY!!!


Create a Group to backup your data & share Lists with your family, notify them about changes, email Lists.


When you switch to "Shop" mode, you can arrange your items "by Category" in "Select a store" mode, and "by Aisle" in Specific store. "Like Manually Ordered" will reproduce the manual order of your List assigned in "Prepare" mode. Swiping off from your right deletes an item.


To organize your Aisles replicating the route you take in each specific store, choose "Sort by Aisle" mode, tap on any hash tag Aisle Order Control on the left and rearrange your Aisles dragging them by hash tag Order Controls on the right.


Check-off items you purchased, Skip items that were not in the Store, press "Checkout"-->"Shopping Done".

"Delete Bought Items" actually DELETES them from your List, meaning they will no longer appear in your List!!!


After 1-2 trips GG app learns the order how you check-off your items, and arranges them accordingly within each Aisle for your next shopping.


Setup Red count badge and Alert type you want to receive from GG app:  iPhone Settings->Notifications->Grocery G

Setup Tax, Coupon provider, Purchase Log, Auto-Lock, Auto-Select Store etc.:  iPhone Settings->Grocery G



For more detailed instructions look up "Common Questions" section.

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    Why can't I take photos of products or enter the bar code?

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