Does the barcode scanner actually do anything other than read the number?

Blake, Darren -

I expected the bar code scanner to fill in the item details for me by searching an online database (like all the other scanner apps I've ever seen do). Instead it just seems to read the number and leaves me to type everything else in by hand.


Is this correct, or is there a problem with using this app in the UK?


I'm running the trial version on an HTC 8X.


I raised  ticket about this through the support site a week ago and it hasn't even been assigned to anyone yet!

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    Blake, Darren

    Got a reply to this. Apparently the databsase for UK products isn't as up to date as the US one. In my experience it doesn't recognise ANY UK products, even really well known ones.


    Shame, as the scanner was the reason I chose this app over all the others.

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    Justin Perri

    I also have the problem in the US. After not scanning the barcode for any of my frequent items. I grabbed a bottle of Heinz Ketchup and Fritos French Onion Dip, the app didn't recognize these products either.  

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    john j. novak

    Recently purchased Nokia phone; installed grocery gadget; first try at using scanner filled in barcode number only and had to manually fill in other fields; also for Nokia users, the third time I used the scanner my screen turned Kelly green; contacted support for phone and it is known issue for Nokia phones, by using any bar code scanner your screen has potential of turning Kelly green. Only way to clear it is to "reboot". No help from Grocery Gadget nor Nokia...any feedback/advice; also in US.

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    Alan Kaufer

    I'm a US iPhone user. When I first started using GG the details would populate pretty reliably. Lately it just reads the code. I've rebooted to no avail. It's also stopped my ability to add or update brand names. A post a year ago from GG says they're waiting on Apple to approve the latest version to fix critical issues. Do we have a problem here?

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